Chapter 1: Starting the Program and Setting the Data Sets


Step 3: Raw data source


Step 3: Raw data source


Set up your input data files using the Directory Tree and the Raw Data Dir field.


How do I use the Directory Tree?

Double clicking on a file folder displays the subdirectory contents of that folder. It will not display the files in that folder, so don’t be puzzled when you can’t see your data files. To go up a directory, double click on a previously opened higher up subdirectory. To make a new subdirectory, single click on the folder under which you want to create a new directory. Click on create directory and a dialog box will open with the path displayed. Append your subdirectory name onto the end of this path. If your data is on directory that can be auto mounted, click amd access (Figure 4).

Figure 4. The directory tree


How do I set the path?

Easy! Single click highlights the subdirectory that contains your data, then click the “»” button to the right under New Raw Data Dir. The full path will be written in the field next to “»” button (Figure 5).


Figure 5. The Raw Data directory

Can't I just type the path into the little boxes?


You sure can, but the clicking method above is a lot faster, much less prone to typo errors, and also, for some strange reason, kind of fun.



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