To HKL Research, Inc.

The members of my research group collected data at the                   beam line at                                                                                                                                                                on                               , 2014. That research is supported by grants: _______________The beam line has the HKL-2000 license. As an academic, non-profit organization, we currently

(  ) have a permanent, academic HKL license for our lab,

(  ) do not have a license for the HKL software.

We would like to obtain a temporary license to use the HKL-2000  software to process  data collected at the  synchrotron site on home computers.  

The HKL-2000 software will be used exclusively by me and/or members of my group and only for projects that I control as a Principal Investigator, for "non-commercial use" as defined on your web site. I understand that your company does not provide a site definition file (, but I will obtain one from the beam line support staff.




                                                                                                                        Principal Investigator