Version 708

Version 708 of the HKL-2000 program for the Linux and Mac OS X (Intel) platforms has been released.  New features include:

  • support for Dectris Eiger detectors
  • Check HKL setup" window shows license expiration date
  • Select / Unselect menu was added to the data page. It allows to select or unselect all sets from integration or scaling
  • Integrate page fix mosaicity, crossfire and distance were corrected
  • "no merge" original index" option was added to the scale page
  • Scalepack does not set Rmerge to zero in cases when it is higher then 1
  • Scalepacklvirus limits were increased. Maximum number of reflections was increased from 32M to 55M, maximum number of rejections was increased from 200k to 300K.