HKL-2000 License Policy for Commercial Users

Commercial users interested in obtaining the HKL-2000 license may contact us at to request a quotation and a commercial license agreement. Our standard license agreement is intended for those users, who do not provide data reduction services. 

A license agreement must be completed before the license key file: access key can be obtained.

A single license allows installing the software on up to 6 computers under the same operating system. The package is distributed in form of the compiled executables. The supported operating systems are listed on the Hardware/OS page.

During the first year from the license activation, the license is extended to include the 'HKL-2000 Synchrotron License' at no additional cost.

The HKL-2000 Synchrotron License includes 

  1. using the HKL-2000 software to reduce data collected at any synchrotron beamline, provided that the data format is recognized by the SOFTWARE. Data from high-performance detectors such as PILATUS3  and Eiger Hybrid Photon Counting detectors or the Rayonix MX-HS (high speed) detectors are supported.

  2. using the HKL-2000 program during the experiment at any synchrotron beamline, where the HKL-2000 or the HKL-3000 SOFTWARE is installed.

Upgrades are provided free of charge for a period of one (1) year from the activation of the permanent license.

There is only one type of the HKL-2000 software maintenance contract, and it includes the 'HKL-2000 Synchrotron License'. Under the contract, HKL Research provides the following services:

  • Updating of the license keys (upon LICENSEE's request)
  • Program upgrades for the registered in-house detector(s)/operating system(s)
  • 3 support calls