Download Instructions for the HKL Package

We provide the HKL software only to those users who purchased the license in the past. The latest release, version 1.98.2, has not been updated for several years. Upgrade to HKL-2000 is strongly recommended. The HKL-2000 license can be obtained for both in-house and synchrotron data.

Executables of all programs can be obtained clicking on the link below and signing in as user hklftp:


The password can be obtained through the automatic password system (established users only) or via e-mail

On the server, you'll find directory ver1.98.2 with the following sub-directories:

Linux : HKL_Linux_ver_1.98.2.tar.Z and individual_programs (not tarred and not compressed)

SGI : HKL_SGI_ver_1.98.2.tar.Z  and individ_programs

*OSF_DigitalUnix : Due to extinction of this OS, the last available version of HKL for OSF is 1.97.9

Each xxx.tar.Z file contains compressed and 'tarred' executables for corresponding operating system, while 'individual_programs' directory contains individual executables - not tarred and not compressed.

Remember, you have to use binary mode to transfer these files.

After you've transferred files, you have to uncompress them using the command:

uncompress file-name.tar.Z

for example:

uncompress HKL_Linux_ver_1.98.2.tar.Z

and 'untar' the file using the command:

tar -xvf file-name.tar

for example:

tar -xvf  HKL_Linux_ver_1.98.2.tar

You should have all the programs' executables now. 


Typically the executables are placed in the


directory. You need system privileges to do so. Additionally the license key filecr_info, needs to be present in the


directory in order for the HKL programs to run. To obtain the license key, you need to run the access_prod program on each computer that you plan to use for running any of the HKL programs. The access_prod is distributed together with denzo, scalepack, and xdisp executables.