Network Setup Instructions


Note that the access_prod  program does not work properly if the set-up of the operating system is not consistent. For example: if in the 'info' file the third line looks like in the example below:
     HOSTNAME (none)
It means that your network configuration is not properly setup: the domain name is not provided. In this case, you will be not able to run HKL/HKL2000 program suite. If you do not know your domain name, ask people from your IT department or your System Administrator. If you are using Linux RedHat/Fedora operating system, you may set up the domain name using the network configuration tool (requires root access). To start this tool, use one of the following methods:
  • On the GNOME or KDE desktop, click the Red Hat (Main Menu) icon then select System => Network.
  • Alternatively, at a shell prompt in a terminal window (for example, an XTerm or a GNOME terminal) type command redhat-config-network (Red Hat releases up to 9, Red Hat Enterprise, and Fedora Core 1) or system-config-network (subsequent Fedora Core releases).
After starting the tool, click on the DNS tag in the Network Configuration Window. In the "DNS Search Path" section in the "Search Domain" line, fill in your domain name (for example or This will correspond to the line (or in the info file. Click "Add". Your domain name will appear in the "Domain Name" list. Note that section "Hostname" should be filled with a computer name (for example mycomputer or This information will correspond to the line HOST-NAME=mycomputer in the info file. However it is not enough for access_prod to have "Hostname" section with a fully qualified domain name, but an empty DNS search path.  
After finishing the changes click "Apply" button and then "Close" button. Save your changes.
Run the access_prod program again. Now the info file should show the full domain name in the HOSTNAME line.