Release 716

New features include:

- "Site included" option allows one to place the file in the data (frames) or processing directories - instead of in a directory in the hklint sites directory. This option is available in the initial site selection window,

- scalepack with auto corrections generates 6 additional scaled (.sca) files that are tuned for various tasks like: displaying radiation damage and anomalous maps, structure refinement, generating statistics,

- Xdisp Qt is now the default frame display program. Old Xdisp is available in the 'Options/XDisp/XDisp X' main menu,

- "Check Space Group" is integrated with the "pointless" program from CCP4 and allows to apply the selected space group for the next scaling. It also auto generates required re-indexing matrix,

- new 'Merge' tab allows combining 2 or more .sca files together.