Release 719 of HKL-2000 and HKL-3000

Version 719 brings several new features and updates:

  • An option to merge frames (also in h5 format) - it allows combining frames for peak searching, indexing, and integration, which reduces the number of data files (.x files) for scaling. This option improves the speed of the processing and allows data sets with a large number of frames to be scaled. The procedure is intended mainly for data collected with an oscillation width smaller than 0.1 degrees.
  • "Check for Updates" was added to the main "Help" menu. It allows the user to check if a new version of the program is available. The new version still has to be downloaded and installed manually.
  • Function "Check in PDB", which determines if your unit cell has been seen before in PDB, has been updated (and made available in HKL-2000).
  • Model building with SHELEXE was implemented (HKL-3000). It may improve phasing with MLPHARE and model building when the option to use a starting model is used.
  • The installer now checks if additional fonts are necessary.
  • The ”Auto” tab has been updated, the MAR345 format was added.
  • The "Check Space Group" procedure was improved.
  • The communication with Xdisp Qt was improved. The program does no longer needs to restart to display a different frame.
  • An option to handle spot splitting caused by silver anodes was added for small molecules.