Release 722 of HKL-2000 and HKL-3000

Release 722 introduces many new features to both HKL-2000 & HKL-3000:

• MR mode works even if the Shelx package is not available
• connection (downloads, searches) to PDB servers was updated
• denzo_3d error handling has been improved
• option to edit cell parameters was added to 'Check in PDB' - it searches PDB for structures with similar cell parameters
• nexus, h5 format handling was improved
• handling of MicroED data was improved
• ADSC frame read header procedure was updated
• MicroED Gatan-K2 detector was added
• alternate PAD4m format was added

Additional modifications in HKL-3000:

• small molecule images (model with map) were added to the structure refinement report
• option to filter model with coot script during the model build was added
• optional model building with Shelxe was extended - it adds side chains building
• map cc graph procedure was updated
• achesym is now run after the first refinement in MR mode