Release of HKL-2000 v714

HKL-2000 v714 has been released.
It includes new optional version of frame display program - XDisp Qt. By default the old XDisp will be used.
To use the new one, in the main menu, select 'Options --> Xdisp --> XDisp Qt'.
The selection can be saved for the next sessions using 'Options --> Save options'.

Other changes include:

  • Initial support for h5 files for Pilatus and Eiger detectors was added (not supported in 32-bit Linux)
  • Support for the Rayonix MX300HE format was added
  • Support for the Stoe pad200k format was added
  • The Pilatus “read header” procedure was updated
  • The “split data sets” window was updated
  • A button that shows scaling statistics for the selected .sca file was added to the 'Project' tab
  • The program is now distributed as a compressed directory that includes all binaries, related data, and library files