A short-term (30 days) HKL-3000 license

A short-term license for the HKL-3000 software may be obtained free of charge by academic users who collected data at synchrotron beamlines and need to reprocess their data at home. The license will be valid only for data collected at facilities where HKL-3000 or HKL-2000 is available to users. The license can be granted for one computer up to 3 times per year. The request for a short-term license should be written on the institution's letterhead and provide: Start Date, End Date, Beamline, Detector, Name of the Principal Investigator, Grant Support, and Contact Information. It should be signed by the Principal Investigator and faxed to 434-979-6381. The following template letter may be used to request the license: 

To HKL Research, Inc.

The members of my research group collected X-Ray diffraction data at the _______________ beamline at _______________ on _______________. The beamline has an HKL-2000 or HKL-3000 license. This research is supported by grants: _______________.

As an academic, non-profit organization, we currently (check one): ( ) have a permanent, academic HKL license for our lab, ( ) do not have a license for the HKL software.

We would like to obtain a temporary license to use the HKL-3000 software to process data collected at the synchrotron site on home computers. The HKL-3000 software will be used exclusively by me and/or members of my group and only for projects that I control as a Principal Investigator, for "non-commercial use" as defined on your web site. I understand that HKL Research does not provide a site definition file (def.site); I will obtain one from the beamline support staff.


Principal Investigator